(Editor’s Note: This year, two at-large seats are up for grabs on the South Plainfield Borough Council. Democrats Roberto Sayers and Cassie Capparelli are running against Republican incumbents Christine Faustini and Derryck White. Council terms are three years and Election Day 2017 is Tuesday, Nov. 7.)


SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Republican candidate Christine Faustini is seeking election to her own, three-year term on the South Plainfield Borough Council. Last October, Faustini was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Alex Barletta.

Faustini grew up in South Plainfield, relocating to the borough at age eight after her father took on a job at David Smith Steel. She graduated from South Plainfield High School and, after college, worked as associate buyer for both Petrie Stores and Rickel Home Centers. Faustini also holds a degree in mathematics and currently works as a part-time high school math teacher. Please watch the video to hear why Councilwoman Faustini would like to be re-elected on November 7th.

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Faustini and her husband, Louis, are parents to Kaitlyn, 21, Madison, 20, Dominic 15, and Ava, 8. Additionally, she is a former member of both the Riley School and Grant PTOs and, prior to taking on the council seat, was involved with the Cultural Arts Commission and served as vice president of the South Plainfield Library Board.

Faustini said her reason for serving on the council is ‘very simple.’ “I want to make South Plainfield a better place than it is today. Although it is already pretty good…I just want to keep it that way and even try to improve it… there are still things to be done…” she said, adding, “I think the team has been doing a good job. I would work to keep the strategy we have now in place…”

According to Faustini, finding a way to keep things affordable is an issue currently affecting families, not only in South Plainfield but everywhere. “Keeping things affordable for families and seniors pretty much means keeping taxes down…Our taxes are at a 2009 levels, which is a very wonderful accomplishment,” said Faustini. “I think the team has been doing a good job and I would work to keep the strategy we have now in place.

With keeping taxes low, said the councilwoman, comes ‘tough decisions’ when it comes to spending and feels the borough also needs to ‘continue investing in the community.’ “[These are] the same types of decisions that all families have to make sitting around their dinner table every day,” Faustini said.

She feels improvements, such as those made within the recreation department, are very important. “Having a recreation program is very important to a community; it brings families together and increases quality of life…” she said. Additionally, as a member of the council, Faustini also worked to see the development of the borough’s first dog park. Located on the south side of town, the park is slated to open later this fall.

Faustini prides herself on ‘listening to the residents’ and said, if returned to the council, said she will continued to take her ‘cues’ from them.  “I just want to do more for the community; I have no other ambitions or motives,” she said. “I do not have any business in South Plainfield. I do not have any special interests. I am just there to serve the community.”

A resident of the borough for almost her whole life, Faustini said the people here are what she loves most about South Plainfield. “Being so involved in the community I have worked with people in the schools, library, sports and I thing we have the most incredible residents here. I feel our residents are our greatest asset in South Plainfield today,” she said. “Everyone you meet, the teachers, coaches, parents, the seniors, even down to the children all really look out for each other and care for each other…I just think we have a really special group of people here.”

Residents, said Faustini, should return her to the council because she is responsible and the type of person residents can turn to. “When you run you have to think about why people should choose you. When I was first appointed to the council, in the first week, they give you a key to borough hall and …” she said. “I realized how much responsibility I was taking on as a councilwoman. That key really meant how much was entrusted in me.”

Faustini said residents should trust in her the way they would a neighbor they entrust to watch over their home. “I am hoping that the people of South Plainfield chose me because I am the kind of person [you] can trust with your key. Every decision that I am going to make on council is going to affect my family the same way it is going to affect yours…” she said, adding, “That is the kind of person you should choose; the person you would trust with the key to your home…”

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