SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ- Every year the upcoming South Plainfield High School senior class is assigned an area of hallway to paint. All designs, supplies and labor is taken care of by
the students.  The design has to be approved by Principal Pedersen. Originally, the idea was
to paint the four academic hallways, and then cover each area every four years. After the
class of 2004 raised the bar on the design, the hallways became too impressive to paint over.  Classes were then given the cafeterias, and then the areas of the main hallways.

For two weeks this summer, the Class of 2014 took over a section of hallway in the High School.  Led by Class President Adam Butrico and Artist Alyssa Kelly, many dedicated students painted a hallway in honor of the senior class of 2014. 

The group of Seniors covered their allotted section outside of Cafeteria A/B with a     

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 “Then and Now” theme of hand painted selections including some Cartoon Network characters, internet symbols, popular stores and restaurants, and trends through the years.

The seniors would like to thank Sherwin Williams, on Park Avenue for their generous donation of all the paint for the project, Remtek Services for loaning the ladders and other equipment, the school administration for their guidance, and the janitors for their help and patience as we disrupted their floor waxing schedule.