SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - For close to 25 years, the South Plainfield Clean Business Association (CBA) Glitter Award has been presented to those business and commercial properties throughout the borough that maintain attractive, clean, safe and environmentally-sound areas.

To date, close to 50 businesses and property owners have received the award, which the CBA gives to borough businesses that are exceptionally well maintained and/or have improved their appearance through renovation and/or landscaping.

“The Glitter Award is intended to recognize businesses that go above and beyond the ordinary in property maintenance and contribute to the borough’s good appearance,” Alice Tempel, South Plainfield’s Clean Communities Coordinator, said. With the award comes recognition as well as the hope that that other business owners will emulate them. We want people to take action and maintain their properties in a way that makes the borough proud to have them as commercial residents.”

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To be eligible for a Glitter Award a business must be well maintained and beautifully landscaped a business as well as free of litter and debris in all areas - whether they are visible to the public or not. Additionally, parking lots, streets and even storm sewers must be clear and litter free. “Some places might have a beautifully maintained and attractive front but when you go around back its awful,” CBA President Joe Diegnan said, adding, “Many of our recipients have someone police their property daily and remove litter from the property, curbs and streets.”

Glitter Award recipients are selected by Diegnan and Tempel and, while a South Plainfield business and/or property owner can only receive the award once, there is no limit to the number of awards issued in a given year. Along with bragging rights, recipients receive a framed certificate recognizing the “outstanding property maintenance and improvement that have contributed to a better environment in the borough of South Plainfield and have set an example for all to emulate.”

“Through the award we hope to encourage businesses to maintain their properties and demonstrate pride in the community,” said Diegnan. “Pride is a five letter word that means so much and as you drive around town you can see those who take pride in their business and those who don’t.”

Past Glitter Award recipients include United Rental, KC’s Korner, Investor’s Bank, South Plainfield Dental, Plainfield Animal Hospital, the Oak Tree Commons shopping center, Dr. Frank Lacato and the McCrisken Home for Funerals, to name a few. Additionally, community-based organizations are also eligible and both the South Plainfield Fire Department and the Rescue Squad have received the award in the past.

“Most people are surprised when they find out they are getting the Glitter Award because they didn’t know about it but that just means they did all the work and put in the effort just because,” said Diegnan. “Recognizing them with the award lets them know we recognize all they did and encourage others to follow their lead.”

CBA Membership is free and open to all businesses that share its goal of enhancing the appearance of commercial districts through property maintenance and litter control; one does not have to be a member of the CBA to receive the Glitter Award. For more information or to nominate a business for the Glitter Award, call Joe Diegnan at 908-755-5051, ext. 315.

“Our motto is ‘A Clean Borough is Everybody’s Business’ and our goal is to promote a better, cleaner and environmentally friendly South Plainfield,” said Diegnan.