The covid-19 pandemic has been particularly tough on families. Schools are closed, playground’s roped off, no summer sports, cancelled travel plans. You can’t even go with your family for dinner inside one of our restaurants. Never mind the crushing recession which has hit working families in our town so hard.

We in South Plainfield always stick together and try to do the right thing for each other. We will get through this crisis. Until then we need to do whatever we can to make things as normal for the group in our community hit the hardest. Our kids. 

With that in mind, we believe that whenever our community pool is ready, that it be should be opened with no user fees for all residents of the Borough through the end of the season. Families are challenged with making ends meet as it is. Let’s use this opportunity to give every South Plainfield kid the chance to relax, enjoy the pool and stop worrying about what’s going on in the world around them. It’s the very least we can do.