SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - This past Tuesday, children 11 and older competed in the first ever Cupcake Wars at the South Plainfield Public Library. There was a total of 9 teams with 4 children on each team. Some of the groups came up with team names: Vicious and Delicious, Dream Puffs, the Mob of Darkness, and Girl Power. Each team was given 4 cupcakes and various candy and cookies to decorate them based on different themes, which were animals, seasons, library, and free for all. Each team only had 15 minutes to plan and decorate each cupcake. In addition to the time limit, each team needed to make sure they reserved supplies and icing for each cupcake.

After the teams were done decorating, they brought up each of their cupcakes to be judged on creativity, use of materials, and presentation. After the judging, the individuals on the 1st place were given a $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. The 2nd place team was given individual brownie baking sets while the 3rd place team was given a cup of candy.