I would like to the South Plainfield Business Association, our moderator from the League of Women Voters for organizing the debate. 

Our opponents and all you for coming out to hear a robust dialogue on our communities’ progress and the strategic plans we have to move it forward. 

 Before I announced my intentions to run for re-election some residents thought I would not.  They cited my commitment to my family and the time being on the council must take from being with them.  As my family prepared for the announcement of my re-election bid, I was reminded of a conversation my children had during my first campaign. 

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 I heard Noah say to Alexx "you know soon we will have to share daddy with the whole town" to which she responded, "I know it's fine".   

 That told me two things: 

They believed I was worth sharing and they get it.  They understand that consistently serving your community is not severing when it feels good, works for me or when you decide to run for office. 

  Ghandi summed it up this way "I am just trying to be the change I want to see".  That implies action.  Thanks why whether I am coaching children, helping the PTSO or volunteering with CERT or other organizations...I have made a commitment to my family and yours to dedicate the best I have, to make South Plainfield the best it can be.  

 So, tonight as you hear our dialogue I ask that you distinguish between the rhetoric and our record because records drive the results.  Thank you.