Dear Editor

  Debbie Boyle submitted an explanation and reasons for instituting the litigation relating to certain transgressions which she believed had taken place related to her service on the B.O.E. and the P.T.O. There was no name calling, and no attempt to diminish anyone. In fact, she did not even mention anyone by name or innuendo.   She also expressed her hope that the residents of our Borough would recognize that moving forward, we would aspire to have people work with each other and to use the authority of their positions for the betterment of our community and not to further any personal issues they might have with each other. Finally, she sought to remind us of all the hard work she has (and continues) to put forth  to promote the common good of South Plainfield’s children and community. 


      Frankly, her letter was a mature statement from a dedicated worker who had been hurt by actions and statements which had been clandestinely leveled against her.  We should contrast her statements with those  that continue to attack and demean Mrs. Boyle.  They could have resolved to put their differences with her aside so as to advocate for the good and welfare of our community. It is clear to me that they wish to use their positions to ensure that those who serve must follow their lead in an unquestioning manner.   As members of the South Plainfield community, we need to ask ourselves if these are the types of leaders we really want to guide our children’s future.

Joseph Vella