The South Plainfield Democratic Candidates for Borough Council, Gary Vesce and Jon Dean, this week discussed the need for all registered voters to get out on Election Day and exercise one of their greatest civic privileges and vote to restore the restore the checks and balances to the Borough Council in South Plainfield by ending the one party rule of the ALL Republican Borough Council in South Plainfield. 

Gary Vesce explained, “Every voter in South Plainfield deserves the right to be heard and the opportunity to voice their opinions. One of the best ways to do this is to vote.  Many people choose not to vote because they think that their one vote does not count very much.  This simply is not true.   We have had municipal elections in South Plainfield with thousands of votes cast that have been decided by less than 100 votes.  The right to vote was not just handed to Americans.  Our forefathers had to fight for it.   It should not be taken for granted.  As Franklin D. Roosevelt stated, ‘Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.’  As of a proud Borough, we need to stand up and be counted to make sure that the current one party rule of the Republicans is ended.”

Jon Dean continued, “Voting defines democracy.  Voting is the fundamental right of almost all American citizens over the age of eighteen. In insures that the will of the people is preserved.  In local elections, municipal lawmakers are elected who make laws and appointments and spend your tax dollars that will have effects for years to come.  The one party rule of the local Republicans has stifled public sector innovation.  Competing innovative and reformative ideas have been brushed aside.  As a result, people are left out of the decision making process, and the ALL Republican Borough Council is out of touch with the needs of the residents of South Plainfield.  The current members of the Borough Council think they can do what they please because there is no one to watch over their shoulders.  That is going to change on November 8th.”

Gary Vesce concluded, “It is time to put an end to one-party rule.  Jon and I each pledge to be the voice of the people and to appraise all expenditures of taxpayer funds like it was our own family finances.  It is time for the Borough Council to have regard for different viewpoints and interests.  It is time to bring balance to the Borough Council in South Plainfield.  Voters, let your voices be heard.”