The South Plainfield Democratic Candidates for Borough Council, Cassie Capparelli and Roberto Sayers, kicked off their campaign this week by pledging to put aside political differences and work with the other members of the Borough Council to get things done for all of the people of South Plainfield.   Cassie Capparelli commented, “A major message from the Democratic team is that it is time for new leadership in South Plainfield with big ideas.  We need to look outside the box at new ideas for our recreational options, addressing the out-of-control traffic crisis that has engulfed the entire Borough, and most critical for all taxpayers, spending less while doing more.  We need to partner with other towns, other levels of government and private parties to gather the ideas and resources to stretch every dollar.  Roberto and I will show the people of South Plainfield that they do not have to accept politics, government and taxes as usual.  South Plainfield is a great place to live and the people of South Plainfield want their elected leaders to work in a bipartisan manner without regard to party labels.”    

Roberto Sayers agreed with his running mate stating, “Cassie and I look forward to taking part in our Borough’s Labor Day festivities.  We want to hear from the people about their concerns regarding rising property taxes and the traffic issues affecting our quality of life.  We intend to run a campaign of ideas for the future of South Plainfield. Cassie Capparelli and I will work together to concentrate on the issues that can help our residents – a Shop Local Initiative that gives property tax credits for shopping at local businesses; updating the summer recreation program and improving our parks so our children get the best possible program; getting trucks off our residential streets by working with our State and Federal representatives to begin work on an alternate truck route; and finally, giving people  a well-deserved voice in how their tax dollars by restoring Democracy Day.”

Cassie Capparelli continued, “With years of experience as a distinguished financial, pension and benefits specialist, Roberto Sayers will bring a sharp eye to the Borough’s spending and will work with the other members of the Borough Council to get spending and taxes under control.  He knows that South Plainfield residents are not an endless deep pocket of tax revenue.”

Roberto Sayers commented, “Cassie Capparelli is running for Borough Council for all the right reasons. She doesn’t care about politics. She wants to improve our Borough for future generations.  Most people in South Plainfield know the Capparelli name.  Cassie’s grandfather was Deputy Police Chief Tulio Capparelli, who the Cappy Award is named after.  Her other grandfather was Larry Massaro, one of the driving forces in the South Plainfield Lions Club, whose main purpose is helping the less fortunate among us. Cassie’s late father, Brian, and her mom, Dina, carried on the tradition of service to others and they instilled that dedication in their children.  It is my honor to have her as a running mate.”