The South Plainfield Democratic Candidates for Borough Council, Gary Vesce and Jon Dean, this week discussed the need to restore the checks and balances that is missing in the ALL Republican Borough Council in South Plainfield. Checks and balances that will curb the favoritism and fiscal mismanagement that is costing taxpayers thousands of dollars a year in new taxes. 

Jon Dean explained, “South Plainfield is truly a wonderful community in which people live and work together with a great sense of cooperation and kinship.  We respect honesty and want good value for our tax dollars. That is what Gary and I will bring to the Borough Council. Making government work for all of the residents of South Plainfield, not just those with political connections. We need more programs for our kids when they are not in school, support for our police to fight crime and disrupt the illegal drug pipeline that is affecting so many families, and a citizen ethics board to ensure South Plainfield’s elected officials are making decisions based on what’s good for residents, not their friends, family and political contributors. This is the kind of balance that Gary and I will bring to the Council. Gary and I will work with our community leaders and residents to strengthen our unique quality of life while protecting South Plainfield’s taxpayers.”

Gary Vesce continued, “Walking door to door, Jon and I have heard the frustration from many people on how their tax dollars are spent, traffic concerns and having a voice in their community.  The Democratic team will make it a priority to: bring balance to make borough government more honest, lean and effective for all residents; invest more in our police and fire departments to keep our families secure; and limit which streets large trucks can drive on to increase safety and relieve traffic.  Jon and I believe that giving voters a greater say on how the Borough spends their tax dollars and listening to the residents of South Plainfield is one of the greatest responsibilities of an elected official.”

Jon Dean concluded, “One-party rule has led to fiscal mismanagement and tax hikes.  Gary and I will shine the light on wasteful spending, and work together to make South Plainfield better.  It’s time to ensure that the voice of every single Borough resident is heard.  All of South Plainfield’s residents deserve a stake in the future of our borough, not just selected political insiders and money contributors.    It’s time bring balance to our Borough government.”