The South Plainfield Democratic Candidates for Borough Council, Gary Vesce and Jon Dean, this week talked about the slap in the face given to the voters of South Plainfield by the local Republican Party with the resignation of a Borough Councilman right after the deadline that would have allowed voters to select the successor.

Gary Vesce explained, “Last week's announcement of Councilman Barletta's resignation clearly shows that the Republican Party bosses waited until it was too late to have his successor picked by the voters.   If the resignation had been submitted before September 13, 2016, the voters would be entitled, by New Jersey election laws, to choose Mr. Barletta’s successor this November – some five weeks from now.  By intentionally waiting and sitting on the resignation, the Republican insiders will now hand pick a crony to take over the council position until next year.  This is no reflection on Mr. Barletta, who has served South Plainfield honorably, but the voters are deprived of their right to select their leaders.  What are the Republicans afraid of?  Why is the Republican Party in South Plainfield incapable of democratically accepting the will of the people?  This is convincing proof that South Plainfield voters need to stop the one party rule of the Republicans.  They simply do not respect the voice of the people.”

Jon Dean continued, “This Republican ploy of taking the vote away from the residents of South Plainfield is an affront to our entire Borough.  In a democracy, it's the vote of the people that counts and not the vote of a few party bosses.  It is little wonder that people often feel powerlessness when it comes to their government and drop out, even to the point of not voting, especially when those in power say we don’t care what the people say.  We all understand that people lives change – people move because of jobs, family needs, health and a host of other reasons. But don’t try to fool the voters and present this as a surprise to everyone.  Just tell the people the truth that the Republicans sat on this information until it was too late to submit the change to the voters.  If the Republicans refuse to listen to the will of the people, they should at least be honest about it.  The Republicans need to remember that it’s “government of the people, by the people, for the people” and not just a few insiders.  When Gary Vesce and I are elected to the Borough Council, we will make sure that the people always have a voice on the Council.”