SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Democrat Candidates Cassie Capparelli and Roberto Sayers proposal to bring an “Urban Transit Hub for buses” to South Plainfield’s Downtown is a horrible idea says Council President Derryck White and Councilwoman Christine Faustini.

“I couldn’t believe their proposal at first so I had to read it again,” said White. “Sayers and Capparelli want some type of urban bus terminal on South Plainfield Ave. I can’t even imagine the gridlock that this would bring to South Plainfield. It’s just a horrible idea.”

Capparelli and Sayers first proposed the urban bus terminal in their October 6th campaign release that appeared in local papers. The full quote from Democrat council candidate Roberto Sayers regarding the urban bus terminal in the downtown is “Can we make this area an Urban Transit Hub for buses” 

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According to New Jersey Transit, only the following municipalities are considered “Urban Transit Hubs”:


Camden               East Orange

Elizabeth             Hoboken

Jersey City          Newark

Trenton                Paterson

New Brunswick

“I urge residents to go to these facilities that are listed and see if this is something they want in our small town” said White. “I don’t agree. The democrats are wrong. It’s a horrible idea.”

“Councilman White is right,” said Faustini. “This is a terrible idea. As I walk around town residents tell me how much they love South Plainfield’s small town atmosphere. It’s what makes South Plainfield so unique.”

“It’s hard to believe someone would want a bus terminal in the middle of town,” said Mayor Anesh. “It took years to clean up the former suburban bus company site on New Market Avenue, and now the democrat candidates want to go back in that direction? Not under my watch.”

Mayor Anesh concluded with “Let’s keep South Plainfield’s small-town atmosphere and say no to more buses and trucks on South Plainfield’s roadways.”