The South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club known as SPARC which operates at the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) under the direction of Michael Zushma.

All SPARC members are also members of the South Plainfield CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).  SPARC/CERT members are deployed only when requested by OEM to serve the needs of the Borough during times of emergencies and other Public Events such as the Labor Day Parade, etc.

SPARC members are required to remain current in CERT training and maybe asked to attend appropriate classes when scheduled.

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SPARC members may also assist when called upon by agencies outside of the Borough such as surrounding towns, American Red Cross, etc. where emergency communication or their training may be required.

The South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) is participating in the national Amateur Radio Relay League’s Annual Field Day this June 27th & 28th at Spring Lake Park in South Plainfield. Watch for the schedule and get involved as a family or as an individual.  Contact: Marvin Bronstein, President of SPARC at: for further information.