SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - It was nice when fishing was something you did at Spring Lake or Borough Park. Today, fishing or better yet, phishing, has a much different meaning/connotation.This afternoon South Plainfield residents, businesses and schools in the area have reported being victims of a widespread phishing attack affecting many internet accounts around the country. 

You may receive an email that will appear to be from a friend or business associate. The email will be addressed to hhhhhhh and you (the recipient) is bcc’ed on the email. In the body of the email is a shared document that, once opened, gives access to your account. Mark the email as spam and do not click on the shared document.

If you have clicked on the shared document in the email, it is recommended that you change your email password.

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This is a large phishing scam that is currently affecting many organizations around the globe including South Plainfield.

To change your password Go to Settings>Accounts>Google Account Settings> Sign-In & Security. Scroll down and click on Password.