Dear Editor,

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed something about election time in South Plainfield.  It’s this:  There is one group that talks about results and one that only makes promises.

Who can forget when the Democrats first promised to build the library?  They talked about all their grand plans and how they would get all sorts of state grants.  They even put out flyers with a picture of a library that looked like the Taj Mahal.

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The result?  Nothing.  They couldn’t get any grants.  They borrowed money to buy a piece property, but it was too small to build on, and for a while they even cancelled the project.

It actually took Mayor Matt Anesh’s Republican team to get the job done.  They came up with a plan, funded the project without raising taxes or borrowing money, and got the shovels in the ground.  The result?  Later this year the new library addition will be a reality.  The mayor’s team didn’t make any fancy promises.  They just got it done.

I’m telling this story for a reason. It’s easy to pander, and it’s easy to make promises.  It’s another to get things done.  In November when I vote, I’ll be supporting the people who actually get results.  That’s why I’ll be supporting the team Mayor Anesh supports, Rob Bengivenga and Joe Wolak.

Councilman Alex Barletta