Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. Like our community they have been met with some of the most serious challenges in history just this year alone. A pandemic where necessary health protocols limit their ability to operate, a punishing economic collapse with minimal help coming from Washington or Trenton and a public unsure of if it’s even safe to take your family for dinner at your local favorite restaurant. 

Here are some ways we believe in partnering with our small business community and increasing economic development while keeping our character intact and keeping South Plainfield affordable for families, seniors and those working harder than ever to get ahead.


1: A commitment to our residents and small business community not to increase their taxes.

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2: Aggressively recruit new businesses to broaden our tax base.


3: Modernize our town website to make interactions and permitting in South Plainfield easier with less red tape.


4: Create a “Shop Local South Plainfield” campaign focusing on entrepreneurs and their businesses in our community.


5: Focus on revitalization of our down town core through beautification, enforced zoning laws, creative use of pop ups, temporary businesses and co-working spaces. 


6: Make our town as open and walkable as we can, particularly around locations with businesses that would benefit from foot traffic.


7: Improve relations with the state and particularly Middlesex County so South Plainfield gets its fair share.


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