South Plainfield School District Former Principal/Curriculum Director Reunites with John E. Riley Elementary School Student Carlos A. Aguilar, Jr.  After 20 Years to Illustrate Her First of 35 Children’s Books:  Bionic Mr. Frog  by Dr. Janet A. Munger (Dr. JAM)


Hop aboard the Bionic Lily Pad with Bionic Mr. Frog.  Leap into his world of sheer fantasy and great adventures in learning as the two bionic brothers encounter one silly adventure after the next.  Children will enjoy the creative ways that the Brothers Bionic and friends solve the problems they face as they continue their journey.

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Bionic Mr. Frog is the first book in the young children’s series of learning adventures to be illustrated, gift-wrapped in sheer fun and creative fantasy.  Bionic Mr. Frog and the cast of characters, Brother Donald at the throttle, their good friend Jo who traveled from London on her tractor with the backhoe with Polly and Molly, two beautiful Macaws gobbling their lollies, always help their friends to save the day.

Book 2, written for young children and the young at heart, (the next book in the author’s collection to be illustrated by Carlos) takes the Bionics and friends on their continued journey of learning adventures through Classic Italy.  These zany characters are up to fun and games as they venture through Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Venice, Capri, Lake Como, up and down the Amalfi Coast.  Authentic photographs taken by the author while in Italy interwoven with beautiful illustrations by Carlos will surely capture the natural beauty of the land and historic sights.  Children continue their journey of learning to read through repetition, rhythm and rhyme, building sight-word vocabulary, and through the application of phonics in a most enjoyable format, all-the-while learning about Italy and another culture.  A historic Parent/Teacher Guide will also be made available as a companion piece to the children’s Picture Book.

Book 3 takes children to Mt. Rushmore with Book 4 extending the journey through the big eight historical landmarks of South Dakota, giving young children a memorable taste of our nation’s history. These historical children’s Picture Books with colorful illustrations will follow.

Book 1, Bionic Mr. Frog, originated as one of the Short Vowel Rhyming Picture Books in the author’s written Collection of Poems:  From Where We Stand...From Revolution to Evolution...A Collection of Poems.  Parents and teachers can look forward to more fun and frolic as they teach children through rhyme and repetition of vowel sounds—the building blocks of learning to read.  Parents can delve into reading with their little tots as they venture forth into the learning communities of new friends they will meet along their journey throughout the Poetry Collection:

Short a:  Aunt Ann Is Afraid of Ants

Short e:  In Honor of Our Veterans                 

                Edgar and Edward Are Identical Twins

                Get Out of Bed You Sleepy Head

Short i:  Iggy Is the Victim of the Big Itch

               The Pitch That Kit Missed


Short o:  Otto the Octopus

                The Fronds in the Pond

Short u:  Suzy Is a Runner

                Sunday Brunch


As children continue to grow and experience the joys of learning to read, parents will explore the magical realm of exposing their little ones to the rhyme and rhythm of putting Long and Mixed Vowel Sounds on parade:

Long a: Amy Is an Angel   

Long e: Egor and Enid Are Elephants

Long i:  Ivan Likes to Fly His Kite

Long o: Bingo Is a Burro

Long u: Ulyssis Is a Unicorn

Long y: Do We Know Why?

Vowel Sound ee: Pee-Wee Pete

Vowel Sound oo: Suzy the Mongoose

Vowel Sound ar: My Mother the Car

Mixed Vowel Sounds: My Mommy Loves Me So

Mixed Vowel Sounds: My Make-Believe Friend, Max the Cat

Mixed Vowel Sounds: PAPA G

Mixed Vowel Sounds: Shopping with My Brother

Mixed Vowel Sounds: Golf

Mixed Vowel Sounds: Moving Day


As children learn and grow, so does the written word, still expressed in rhythm and rhyme to teach and instill the joy of learning something new, exploring and venturing into new realms.  A collection of rhyming poems awaits middle and high school students, fostering good, wholesome American values, and for upper elementary and middle school students, learning about the Revolutionary War, Women of the Revolution:  Martha Washington (1731-1802), Abigail Adams (1744-1818), Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley “Molly Pitcher” (1754-1832), Phillis Wheatley (c. 1753-1784); Women of the Civil War:  Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896), Sojourner Truth (c. 1797-1883), Harriet Tubman (c. 1820-1913), and the State of the Union in the 1800s; Women of Today:  Mother Teresa “Saint Teresa of Calcutta” (1910-1997), Michelle Obama (b. 1964-today), Hillary Clinton (b. 1947-today); Attila the Hun, and the Bible—Book I:  The Book of Genesis, all written in rhyme and poetic verse, which will be remembered as literature never before encountered in school in such a memorable way.


  Collection of Middle School and Young Adult Inspirational, Rhyming Poems:

   1. Life with My Brother

   2. In the Church Where Mass Is Offered

   3. Glasses for the Masses

   4. A List to Live By: Do You Remember

   5.  I dreamed a Dream for You

   6.  My Prayer for You

   7.  A Christmas Dream

   8.  A Prayer for Love and Peace

   9.  Sunday Afternoon in the Park

  10.  As We Face the Dawn

  11.  Evening Stars

  12.  The Touch of Music 

  13.  The World from My Oyster

  14. Reflections of a Life Passing

  15. Success for Everyone 

  16. If Only…

  17. Manhattan Skies: 9/11 Memorial


Learning is viewed by the author as a holiday:  filled with fun, excitement, and new adventures—gift-wrapped in rhythm and rhyme—for all to share.   Parents, teachers, and children, surely, will experience learning in this same way.  How could they not, when such a magical journey awaits them!

Dr. Janet A. Munger (Dr. JAM)