South Plainfield – This week, Council President Christine Faustini and Councilman Derryck White talk about how they have worked hard to ensure bipartisan leadership stays in South Plainfield and will work against hyper partisanship.

“We realize that hyper partisanship does exist and that it involves putting party affiliation above all else. So, for example, some people will only vote for members of their own party,” said Faustini. “We have strived over the years to govern in a bipartisan way and one would hope that people vote for the best person. However, we do realize that’s not the case with people who are hyper partisan and stress that at the local level, party affiliation is less important.”

“Here in South Plainfield, for instance, we don’t put our party affiliation on our signs,” added White. “We hope that people will vote for us based on our accomplishments and our plan for the town.”

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Mayor Anesh and his team have always focused on local issues and steered clear of national issues. Because it’s about South Plainfield.

“On a local level, we’ve appointed the best and most qualified people for the job, especially when we appoint members to our board and agencies” said Mayor Anesh.

“In fact, we’ve appointed dozens of people from the opposite party to these boards and agencies,” added Anesh. “Several examples come to mind; we appointed a former democratic councilman to the zoning board, we appointed a former democratic committee woman to the library board, and we appointed a recent democratic council candidate to another board. These are just examples.”

“We have done the same for several of our professional positions,” said Faustini and White. “For example, our public defender is the former democratic chairman in South Plainfield. We plan to continue these types of bipartisan appointments.”

“We’re here for South Plainfield and South Plainfield only. We’re not here to please some political machine or special interest group.” said Mayor Anesh, “If you think our town is moving in the right direction, we ask for your support so we can continue working in a bipartisan way for our hometown.”   

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