South Plainfield – Saying now is not the time to go backward, Councilwoman Christine Faustini and Councilman Derryck White this week discuss their record of results and the forward-looking agenda they are running on.

             “Our team has a forward-looking agenda,” said Mayor Anesh. “But we also have the results to show we can achieve it. Christine and Derryck have worked hard on council and are the right choice for South Plainfield.”

            “Keeping our town affordable is at the top of the priority list,” added White.  “We continue to have one of the lowest tax rates in the county and we want to keep it that way. This year we faced one of the biggest challenges of all time.  Covid-19 not only effected our families, and businesses but also had drastic effects on state and local governments.”

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“Like our State, South Plainfield experienced unforeseen revenue shortfalls.  However, unlike the state, who just borrowed ten billion dollars, South Plainfield found ways to cut expenses and streamline services, without borrowing,” added Faustini.

The following items are just a few examples of what the Anesh team has been able to do, while keeping a close eye on expenses:


  • Taxes and Spending: Municipal taxes, controlled by the council, are up less than one percent since 2009. The Anesh team has worked hard to hold the line on taxes, spending and borrowing. This is in contrast to when the democrats were last in control and raised taxes $404 in just one year, while also trying to give themselves a raise.  


  • Library Addition: The library doubled in size at no additional cost to the taxpayers.  Patrons and programs continue to increase. In contrast, the democrats promised a new library for over a decade, squandered $1,000,000 and got nowhere. The Anesh team stepped in and built it, despite opposition from the local democrat party.


  • The Southside Dog Park has become one of the most popular parks in town. The park now connects to the Pony Tail Softball fields for additional parking.  It was the first park added to the Borough’s roster in decades. The previous democrat administration let the polluting property owner off the hook, and left the taxpayers with a $350,000 cleanup bill. The democrats even tried to fight this park from happening. 


  • Willow Park has seen a complete overhaul with a beautiful play structure, swings and the addition of an adaptive play structure. Under the stale democrat days, it was nothing but an eyesore behind borough hall, filled with broken glass, tires, and rubbish.  To make matters worse, in 2018, then Democrat mayoral candidate Sandy Doyon opposed the location and tried to stop it.



  • Utility Resurfacing Ordinance: In 2016, the council passed an ordinance requiring utility companies to repave damaged roads. In just the last three years, over ten miles of roads were repaved at zero cost to the taxpayers. The Democrats, for years, allowed utility companies to dig up our roads leaving taxpayers to foot the bill.

 “We know that voters demand results,” said White.  “That’s why we hope to earn the town’s support by talking not only about our record, but also by talking about how we will keep things moving forward.”

The difference between the two teams running for council is simple, according to Mayor Anesh: “This election is about the future versus the past.  It’s about moving forward or falling backward.  The record shows that going backward would be a huge mistake.  Let’s take South Plainfield forward.”

We care what you think.  Feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns.

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