South Plainfield High School "Family and Consumer Science" teacher Donna Schneider hosted a first annual "Muffin Wars" with her students.  The students had to choose what type of muffin they would make from scratch and present.  Each group of students had to present their muffins on a platter for the judges to see at the beginning of the war.  Students had to give one muffin cut into three pieces on a plate to be evaluated in the rubric.  The judges then asked one of the following questions to each group to answer and each question could only be asked once.  The judges rotated asking the questions,  The students had to name 6 basic ingredients that all muffins have (i.e flour, sugar, leavening, flavoring, eggs, fat. (butter); why it is important to add sugar slowly when making quick breads; why is baking power called double acting; when mixing muffins if you over mix the gluten how might the muffin look after it is baked; what is the ideal shape; and why they added the blueberries or chocolate chips into the dry mix before adding the wet ingredients.   The judges then had to score the muffins based on appearance, texture, flavor and then tally their scores.  Each class period students had different judges and each class could only have one winner, even though there were ties.  The Muffin Wars took place on Friday, May 9, 2014 in the "Family and Consumer Science" room.