SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - Pastor Jesse Nietzer, on behalf of the First Baptist Church of South Plainfield, has signed an agreement with the South Plainfield Clean Business Association to renew the Church’s adoption of the entire length of Church Street and a piece of Hamilton Boulevard, from the Church to the Bound Brook.  Ten people will collect litter from the street and at the dead ends into Veterans Park and the Brook, one Sunday every month.

The First Baptist Church of South Plainfield has been part of the community for 225 years.  The congregation first joined the Borough’s Adopt-A-Spot program in 2015.  This is their second renewal.  Their monthly cleanups have benefited the downtown area.  In addition to the street cleanup, the extra attention they give to clearing litter from the dead-ends at Veterans Park and the Bound Brook is an important component of maintaining the neighborhood.

CBA President Joe Diegnan is happy to have this Spot included in the network of adoptions in the downtown and civic center of the Borough.  If many groups each take responsibility for a small segment of the Borough, the town stays a clean, attractive place to live and work with minimal effort for each organization.

For more information about the Adopt-A-Spot program, contact the Clean Communities Coordinator at (908) 226-7621 or e-mail