SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - Franklin Elementary School held its Fourth Grade Celebration on June 15 and family and friends, along with members of the PTO and school staff, gathered to honor the Class of 2015.

Principal Ralph Errico welcomed everyone to the moving up ceremony and Student Council Vice President Madelynn Pfeiffer led the crowd in the “Pledge of Allegiance” and the fourth grader class sang “The Star Spangled Banner.”

A  ‘Memories’ slideshow featuring highlights from the past five years. Set to music and put together by fourth grade teachers Mrs. Broggi, Miss Hoffman and Mrs. Squier garnered laughs, applause and even a few tears from students, family members and school staff. Additionally, fourth graders Julia Balewicz, Travon Dickson, Jacob Dunn, Sarah Lapp, Xally Torres and Emily Veliz also had the opportunity to reflect upon and share their own personal memories and as did 2014-2015 Student Council President Jacob Aiello.

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“I can hardly believe we are here tonight ending our final chapter at Franklin School. It has been an amazing journey,” said Jacob. “I can still remember the first day of walking into kindergarten with Mrs. Maszczak and meeting you all for the first time. Tonight, we are here, five years later, close friends, like family.”

Principal Errico presented each of the graduates with their certificates as well as handed out special awards: Jacob Aiello and Julia Balewicz both received the Student Council Award and brothers Matthew Arias-Rodriguez and Steven Arias-Rodriguez received the 100-percent Award.

 “I would like thank the Class of 2015 and their parents, family, and friends for being an integral part of their educational years at Franklin School,” Principal Errico told TAP into South Plainfield, “I always said, Franklin School is a great place to make friends and learn; the Class of 2015 has done this, and so much more. I wish everyone much success at Grant School and beyond.”

On Friday, June 19 – the last day of school – Franklin’s Class of 2015 exited school through the kindergarten doors, just as they did five years earlier. The annual tradition, known as the ‘clap out,’ symbolizes that their academic journey at Franklin Elementary has come to an end.

“This school was our second home,” Jacob said in his speech. “Now we will begin to start a new journey together at Grant School and meet new teachers and friends, and make new memories.”

Congratulations to Franklin Elementary School’s Class of 2015:

Mrs. Broggi’s Class: Jacob Aiello, Yasmin Ali, Steven Arias-Rodriguez, Robert Barrios, Maria Callanan, Kyle Cortese, Eleana Diaz, Jacob Dunn, Madison Kaplan, Ivan Mata, Katherine Miller, Sara Orlowski, Katie Parrado, Om Patel, Taylyn Peace, Madelynn Pfeiffer, Naila Qualls, Allison Schwarz, Joshua Toca, Xally Torres, Christopher Tschopp and Dean Zazzara

Miss Hoffman’s Class: Grace Arias, Matthew Arias-Rodriguez, Julia Balewicz, Kurtis Blouin, Abigail Diaz, Travon Dickson, Jason Giordano, Sylvia Gredzinski, Kennedy Jones, Darin Larsen, Ashlynn Lehman, Brandon Lienhard, Anthony Nguyen, Cassie O’Shaughnessy, Zachary Passe, Jaylene Ramirez-Londono, Jenifer Rivera, Sarah Rolla, Justin Salvado, Zahoor Sayedy, Leila Sheik, Keyonna Thompson, Joseph Tiffert-Moroney and Keanu Wilson

Mrs. Squier’s Class: Stephanie Abarca, Arianna Alexander, Daniel Borsos, Rohan Castillo, Samantha Cherrez, Brandon Dean, Andrew Fallet, Jolene Faulk, Katice Gray, Medina Haji, Alyssa Ingram, Sarah Lapp, Ashley Mangandi, Yahaira Melgar, Steven Moench, Taylor Moffitt, Johnson Nguyen, Zachary Robinson, Jack Ryan, Jake Shapiro, Emily Veliz and Adnan Yonathan