SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - South Plainfield residents, it’s time to begin sorting through those shoeboxes in the basement.  Do you really need restaurant credit card receipts from 1999?  Your deceased in-laws’ electric utility bills from 2000?  If you have not put these in your curbside recycling bin because of privacy concerns, we have an event for you.

The Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Borough of South Plainfield will sponsor a FREE paper shredding event on Saturday, September 23 at the Community Pool parking lot, next to the PAL Building, 1250 Maple Avenue.    Residents of Middlesex County can bring confidential papers – old files, receipts, bills, financial statements – for shredding.  There is no need to remove staples or paper clips. The mobile truck shreds the paper on-site, so residents can watch their papers being destroyed. 

The trucks will be at the Community Pool parking lot from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., or until they fill up. No more than five file boxes or 100 pounds of paper will be accepted. Plan to take home your boxes and cartons. Do not bring plastic bags.

Do not bring junk mail, books, magazines or newspapers. These go with your regular recyclables at the curb in the blue recycling bin, or bring them to the Borough’s Recycling Center on Kenneth Avenue.  (You can black out or cut out your address before setting out mail at the curb.  The entire envelope or magazine does not need to be shredded to protect your privacy.)  Do not bring photographs, X-rays or CDs.  Do not bring anything made of plastic. Contact the Middlesex County Division of Solid Waste Management at or call (732) 745-4170 for more information.