MIDDLESEX COUNTY, NJ – Everyone looks forward to summer.  It’s a time for family and friends, vacations, swimming, grilling, outdoor activities and just enjoying the sun and warm weather. 

One important thing to remember is to always use common sense in protecting your family as well as yourselves against potential hazards.

The following are a few tips for a safe and enjoyable summer.

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One of everybody’s favorite activities during the summer is cooking outdoors. When opening your grill for the season, always check for any leaks by applying soapy water around the connection between the propane cylinder and gas hose. If bubbles appear, it means that there is a leak, and you need to replace that cylinder. Also, always keep your grill clean of any excess grease to avoid any flame flare-ups. By following these steps you will enjoy a summer of safe grilling. 

Summer is also when we spend a lot of time in pools or at the beach. Caution and common sense will make your time in the water much more enjoyable. Children should always be supervised when swimming or playing near bodies of water. Drowning can happen quickly and quietly anywhere there is water and even in the presence of lifeguards. Backyard pools should be fenced in and equipped with alarms to prevent access to the pool area without your knowledge.

If you are enjoying a day at the beach or in the ocean, always listen to lifeguards and obey the warnings noted on the color of the beach flags.  The use of sun screen is also very important to prevent sun burn and avoid skin cancer during all your outdoor activities.  

July 4th is a holiday that everyone enjoys.  Fireworks are often a part of these celebrations. It is illegal in New Jersey for individuals to set off fireworks. They can be very dangerous. Viewing fireworks at an organized event proves to be safer and more enjoyable for the entire family.   

Summer is definitely a time to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family.  By taking a few precautions your summer will be enjoyable and safe.  I would like to wish you all a very safe and happy summer!