Full STEAM Ahead!


The South Plainfield Middle School launched their 1st annual Family STEAM Nights Academy which is a program that takes place once a week at the Middle School in the evening hours.  This unique opportunity allows parents and students to collaboratively discover STEAM concepts (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) through hands on discovery activities.  This program emphasizes collaboration, cooperation, and communication and provides a wonderful opportunity for families to work side by side as they are immersed in learning. 

STEAM skills are important for success in the 21st century and critical to our future.  Additionally, they provide the basis for every child to be successful in college, work, and life.  This inquiry based program builds upon problem solving skills, making sense of information, and how to gather and evaluate evidence to make a decision.  South Plainfield Middle School teachers Carolyn White, Elyse Kanaley, and Lori Stolz have designed STEAM lessons for all learning styles that are FUNctional and exciting that make STEAM Family Nights popular with parents and students alike.