As manager of the South Plainfield Funeral Home, Mike Castoral serves at the helm of a conscientious, cost-effective local business.  The Funeral Home has built up a remarkably steady clientele—families who rely on its services from generation to generation—since its founding in 1949.  And since taking over as manager in 2011, Castoral has offered reasonable rates and top-quality amenities to the residents of South Plainfield.

Castoral brings over seventeen years of expertise to his post.  Before settling South Plainfield, he worked as director of a funeral home on the Tom’s River area.  Yet his professional experience is complemented by a quality just as important: community leadership.  Castoral currently serves as Vice President of the Tri County Chamber of Commerce and is active in the South Plainfield Business Association and the Plainfield-North Plainfield Rotary Club.  His combination of hands-on involvement and business acumen make him a fine representative for the Funeral Home’s pledge of “compassionate care, affordable price.”

Castoral’s decision to become a funeral manager was motivated, in part, by personal experiences.  After attending a family funeral that wasn’t properly administered, Castoral was determined to offer sensitive, smartly coordinated ceremonies for grieving families. “I have gone through losses that are a lot like my clients’, both young and old,” notes Castoral. “It teaches you how to empathize and account for their needs.”

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Under Castoral’s guidance, the South Plainfield Funeral Home offers pristine, spacious settings for funeral ceremonies and other gatherings. (The entire Funeral Home was refurbished in 2003, with the earlier dark-toned scheme replaced by serene and lightly-colored décor.) The premises also host a few invaluable community gatherings.  In conjunction with the Middlesex Funeral Home, Castoral and his business offer a support and discussion group for the recently-bereaved.  This bereavement group meets twice a month, and regularly attracts upwards of a dozen participants.

Castoral also helps to organize the December Night of Remembrance at the Wesleyan United Methodist Church, where he is also a member.  Visitors to this event can take home holiday ornaments in remembrance of their departed loved ones.  Yet Castoral’s role in South Plainfield’s Labor Day festivities is just as substantial.  Ever year, the Funeral Home is instrumental in organizing a fireworks display.

At present, the Funeral Home is also one of the sites in the South Plainfield Adopt-a-Spot program.  As Castoral notes, reflecting on his business’s place in the community, “we’ve been here a long time, and it’s a great to know everyone in town and let them know we’re here to help.”