Over the course of several months, four girls from Girl Scout Troop 65388 have been working to obtain their Silver Award. The girls split into groups of two and picked an issue they wanted to address in the community.

One group wanted to address the increasing dependence that today's youth has on electronic devices such as their phones. They organized a collection drive and asked for donations of board games and sports equipment and also built and stained tables with Lego mats on them to donate to an aftercare center. They then went on to host a Game Night at the local library and at the aftercare center.  They also hosted a Sports Day at the aftercare center.

The other group wanted to show the importance of the arts especially for children. They realized that children at a homeless shelter may not have the same opportunities to enjoy the arts. They worked with the Elizabeth Coalition by organizing a collection of arts and crafts items and went on to host arts and craft events at the local library and the shelter.  The girls also ran a neighborhood clothing drive to be donated to the shelter. They also built and painted shelves to store all the donated items for the shelter. The girls also contacted The Crayola Initiative and set up boxes at the schools to collect used crayons. This wonderful organization recycles the used crayons and donates the new crayons to children's hospitals.

As a whole, the troop addressed several issues: the importance of the arts, the importance of putting down electronic devices and stepping out to play, recycling, and giving back to the community.