Letter To The Editor

Thank you to all the organizations and residents who help our families in need of assistance, especially during the holidays.  Many of these families have school aged children.  Those who have reached out to help bring necessities to these families and the outpouring of help can never be measured,  but the relief and joy that our help brings to those who need assistance brings true satisfaction to each of us.  

Shirley Thompson and her family and friends have made a huge difference in the lives of the families who need assistance.  The time that is donated is ongoing all year long.  It is amazing to watch their operation on Christmas Day In preparation of delivering meals and treasured gifts to those families and individuals.  Those organizations and residents who have helped some of the families by donating gift cards, funds, gifts, food or helped Shirley Thompson are:

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Organizer for a family, Krista and Mike Anderson who bought and hand wrapped an amazing amount of much needed items along with families who also donated funds:

Degeronimo Family
Valuzzi Family
Pat and Steve Anderson
Melissa Anderson
Wharton Family
DaCruz Family
Ciccarella Family
Rinaldi Family
Patterson Family
Rennie Family
Budzinski Family
Dosch Family
DeRoma Family
Busch Family
Staunton Family who lost their Grandma/Mom in December 
Botti Family
Hook Family
Delucca Family
Montalto Family of Edison who lost their son, a marine in November

Doyon Family
Joffe/Massaro Family
Wharton Family
Boyle/Winters Family
Pompillio Family
Arriola Family

Nancy and Wayne Grennier
Marge and Sandy Reedy
Cathy Herman who spends hours with Shirley Thompson
TAPinto South Plainfield for publications

Heather Barry of Social Services
Councilman Derryck White 
WWII Veteran Joseph Vella

The South Plainfield High School Athletic Department and The South Plainfield Athletic Booster Club

There were also South Plainfield Families who wished to remain anonymous, who contributed to help the families in need of assistance.    The greatest Joy is knowing everyone who made a difference in the lives of these families.  Many families need assistance throughout the year and have expressed their gratitude to everyone who continues to help.  We wish everyone a healthy, happy New Year.

Submitted by the Boyle Memorial Foundation with recognition to all those who continue to help those families in need of assistance
Bob Debbie Megan Michael Patrick and MaryAnn