The South Plainfield High School Peer Leadership Team "Heros and Cool Kids", their advisors Marla Vandermark and Jessica Kriskowski, and retired National Basketball Association (NBA) player Eugene "Timothy" Bassett, visited the South Plainfield Grant School sixth grade students .  
"Tim" Bassett, mentor for Heros and Cool Kids, graduated from University of Georgia where he played for the college.  Tim also played for the Buffalo Braves, New York Nets, San Antonia Spurs and San Diego Conquistadors.   The Heros and Cool kids  introduced themselves to the sixth grade students and discussed bullying, harassment and intimidation.  The students shared their feelings about friendship and treating each other with respect.   Grant School Principal Ellen Decker-Lorys and Assistant Principal Robert Richkus support the high school "Heros and Cool Kids" and their program to mentor the sixth grade students and bringing awareness on these crucial issues along with the ongoing support of  South Plainfield High School Principal Ronnie Spring.