SOUTH PLAINFIELD - Holy Savior Academy held their Annual Art Show on Wednesday, May 16th and Thursday, May 17th from 5p.m. to 7p.m. in the school’s auditorium.  The free event featured a gallery of artistic works of students from preschool through eighth grade.

“I have been collecting the students’ art work all throughout the year,” said Holy Savior Art Teacher Sara Holbrook.  “We are displaying all that we can.  You can see how they have progressed through the year, which is really fun.”

Art classes are a regular part of Holy Savior’s curriculum.  Students say they look forward to expressing their creativity.

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“Art is my favorite subject in school,” said Annabelle Johnson, fifth grader. “I’m hoping to be an artist when I grow up.  Most of my family members like to do art.  I do art with a lot of different things.  I make things out of toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls or Q-tips and a lot of things outside.”

Many parents and students visited the art show over the two days it was on display to admire the pieces.

“The art work is very diverse in the type of medium that Miss Holbrook uses,” said Parent Amy Bengivenga Johnson, as she made her way between the great displays covered with different variations of art work.  “She really exposes the students to many different techniques and it’s very impressive with what they can do from kindergarten all the way through eighth grade.”

Holy Savior staff encourage the study of the Arts because creativity is an extremely important skill in development and education, teaching students to be observant and express themselves.

“I think that all of the Arts are very important for children because different children excel in different areas and often the children who do so very well in art or in music might be struggling in class, not always, but sometimes,” said Mary Hohner, Holy Savior Third Grade Teacher.

“Everybody needs a place to shine.”

Hohner says that success in school is greatly effected by the amount of self confidence students have.

“If you feel good about yourself,” added Hohner.  “You’re more confident raising your hand and saying, ‘I don’t understand.’  You’re more confident trying something new and not being afraid of it.  Sometimes you can express things artistically that you can’t with words.”

Other benefits of artistic education include, developing focus, discipline, perseverance, collaboration and encouraging risk taking.

“The kids in my class really enjoy going to art and Miss Holbrook is great with the kids,” said  Hohner.   “She’s so patient and kind.  You see the terrific work that they do.  There’s just a great variety in the work that she does with the different grade levels.  All the teachers and the students are very grateful to have Miss Holbrook here.”

“Principal Woodburn is wonderful,” said Holbrook.  “She is always asking how can they can help and what is need.  She always makes sure that we have enough time with the kids, which is good.  The staff is also so supportive.  I just love working with the students and am so proud of their accomplishments!”