This is a reminder that in order to receive your work bond return, you must fulfill the following requirements:


  • 6 hours of volunteer work per child
  • 1 day of canning (or $50 buy-out)
  • 5 calendar raffle sales
  • Return of Uniform in good, clean condition.

If you do not meet all the above requirements, you will not receive your work bond at the end of the season.  You may hand in your raffles at any time during the drawing, but to included in the first drawing, you need to hand in your raffles by tomorrow morning at 11:00am at the Fieldhouse.  There is only 1 canning date left, which will be Friday, October 14, 5-7pm & 7-9pm.  This is the last possible date that you can fulfill your canning requirement.

I will be sending out the link for the last 2 game day work details next week.  Please do not sign up until the link is sent.  I may have some edits and therefore cannot make these adjustments if someone is signed up for any spots, which will unfortunately cause me to have to delete the names.

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We appreciate your continued support and we look forward to a strong finish of the 2016 season.


Jen Currao