EDISON, NJ - Selecting an adult medical day program can be a challenge but for eligible residents of Middlesex, Somerset and Union counties the JFK Adult Medical Day Program offers medically supervised, health-related services in a protected ambulatory care setting that is warm and friendly.

“Family members may not be able to care for their loved one during the day and have a need for an affordable health care alternative. Sometimes, someone is just not well enough to stay home alone because of medical, cognitive or physical reasons,” said Director Mary Buglio.

Located on Progress Street in Edison, JFK’s Adult Medical Day Program is one of the oldest in the state, formed in November 2009 with the merger of the Muhlenberg Adult Day Health Program (founded in 1983) and the JFK Hartwyck Adult Medical Day Center (founded in 1987). The program, which is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to clients age 18 to 100+ who may have suffered a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia disorders, or may be medically fragile, has two tracks: The Medical Program is for clients who may be unable to stay home alone due to medication needs and/or physical limitations while the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Program also accepts clients with developmental disabilities and clients who are incontinent.

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The JFK Adult Medical Day Program is staffed by a medical director, program director, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, social worker and a recreational therapist who follow the guidelines set forth by the patient’s personal physician. Each staff member is dedicated and committed to enhancing clients’ quality of life and helping them avoid or postpone placement in a long-term care facility while at the same time providing the attention, supervision and assistance with personal care, when necessary, eating and other activities of daily living.

 “We provide the highest level of care and quality services,” said Director of Nursing Roberta Caggiano, RN, noting that the program can accommodate a wide spectrum of individuals and can care for those who are mildly cognitive to those with larger medical concerns; they do not, however, accept bedbound patients. “Everyone here is trained to handle any medical emergency,” she said.

The JFK program is also dedicated to meeting clients’ social needs and offers a variety of structured group activities and recreation therapy programs tailored to their needs. Educational programs, health and fitness activities, music and entertainment, and arts and crafts programs are also offered as are cognitive problem solving activities proven to provide mental stimulation and reduce loneliness and depression for otherwise-isolated impaired adults.

“Many of our clients suffer from depressions and coming here becomes an important and vital part of their everyday life. Here, friendships are fostered,” said Buglio. “Adult day care services are one of the best ways to ensure that an individual suffering from dementia continues to interact with others in a safe environment.”

Additionally, JFK also offers various support groups for caregivers, welcomes expert guest speakers and holds educational sessions on various health related topics throughout the year.

JFK’s Adult Medical Day Program is a non-profit, non-culturally specific program. It is licensed by New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and is a member of the New Jersey Adult Day Care Association. Transportation is available within a limited distance of the program and financial assistance through state and federal grants is available. For more information, contact Director Mary Buglio at 908-912-1910 or visit www.jfkmc.org.

“Adult day care allows the caregiver some respite time to take care of his or her own personal needs and our goal is to keep people in the community as long as possible,” said Buglio, adding, “JFK’s Adult Medical Day Program stands out from other adult day cares because of the overall quality of the services we offer and our years of experience as a leader in the adult day care industry. We offer a collaboration of services and have access to so many resources at our fingertips.”