Johnny Four Fingers went 2-3 in Week #10. Last week I proclaimed it would be the week of the dog, but I was the dog. Cincy, Philly and Denver all lose at home? Who could guess that? Well I have to eat crow, that Tuna fellow up North guessed it. He went 5-0 last week and smashed the Four Finger Man for the second time this season. I’m starting to think him and that junkman have too much time on their hands? Do these guys even work?

Anyway, it’s time to sharpen those lawn mower blades and make some good Week #11 picks!


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1.     Detroit +1 ½ over Oakland. The Raiders haven’t won in Detroit since 1996. They were the L.A. Raiders back then. I know I said Detroit stinks, but they are home and Oakland’s bubble has popped. Lions 27-24.

2.      Houston + 2 ½ over New York Jets. It’s starting to look like the JETS are circling the bowl, and I do not mean the Super Bowl. They are heading down the tubes and the Texans are heading upwards. Texans get another nice AFC win 24-20.

3.     Green Bay + 1 ½ over Minnesota. The Vikings may be a playoff team, but Green Bay is boiling mad. An embarrassing loss at home to Detroit is going to have Rodgers and company all fired up. The Vikings have a good defense, but the Packers are not going to pack-in their season just yet. Green Bay 31-20.

4.     Arizona – 2 ½ over Cincinnati. The Bengals looked like the bungles last week. Six points of offense? Arizona is in the top five in both offense and defense. They beat Cincinnati by a TD, Cardinals 34-27.

5.     Seattle – 11 ½ over San Francisco. This is my best bet of the week. It’s a rivalry game, but the 49ers aren’t any good anymore. They get crushed by a playoff bound Seahawk team 41-17.

TUNA BITES: My cover has been blown. I’ve worked for 26 years at DPW and every real foreman knows I work hard and they know I can beat the Four Finger Man any day of the week. The $100 for KCs is mine. Here are my Tuna picks: Detroit, Houston, Green Bay, Cincy and San Fran.