Week #1 is usually a tough week, but not for Johnny Four Fingers. The 4 Finger-man was 4-1 for the week. The only blemish was the Cowpokes not covering on Sunday night. I was short a digit as usual.

Last week I took 4 out of 5 favorites. This week Johnny is taking 4 out of 5 dogs. Here are the picks with the spreads. You can’t just email winners and losers. This is not amateur hour.

Johnny Four Fingers Week #2 NFL Picks


  1. Cleveland +3 over Tennessee, Johnny football comes alive. Mariota partied a bit too much. Beating the Bucs doesn’t put you in the HOF. Take the Browns in the Pound 20-17.
  2. Jacksonville +6 over Miami. I still think Cassio’s crew can beat the Jaguars at Jost Field. Jacksonville is awful. Miami struggled against Washington on the road. The Fins struggle again. They win, but don’t cover. Miami 24-20.
  3. Oakland +7 This is the near upset of the week. Maybe 4 Fingers is crazy, but the Raiders have their season in week 2. Ravens squeak it out 17-16, Oakland covers.
  4. Seattle +3 ½ Marshawn’s mom gets the team worked up. She even might convince Pete Carroll to run the ball. Seahawks go into Lambeau and win 27-20.
  5. Pittsburgh – 5 ½ Big Ben has extra days to prepare. The Niners Hyde can’t hide from the Pittsburgh DE. Steelers big 38-17.