At the PreK moving up program at Kennedy school the children sang the "goldfish song" and "let's go fly a kite " with scarves used as kites. Favorite things about each graduate were shared. They ended with their good bye song "skinnamarink"

Mrs. Cox gave each child a Pinwheel and Mrs. Foscolo read a poem:  Colors whirl as pinwheels spin, ice cream drips and makes us grin. We had lots of fun each day, we giggled, danced, jumped and played.  Colors whirl as pinwheels spin, enjoy your summer till we meet again.

 AM graduates:
 Carl Tan
Henry Prybella
Jake Prybella
 Amy Dang
 Charles Miller
 Victoria Conselina
 Rim Patel
 Jiya Patel

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PM graduates:
 Mason England
 Ryan Koell
 Sabastian Koell
Anthony Milano
 Joseph Milano
 Brandon Stoecker
Jeffrey Zhang
 Daija Nickerson