SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – According to the South Plainfield Senior Center’s Tree Olano, the ladies of the South Plainfield Senior Center knitting group never cease to amaze.

The group is a tireless group of knitters that consists of Georgina Wilkinson, Rita Wolek, Pat Malia, Marge Geurts, Pat Scalera, Shirley Hlavarty, Carol Granski, Ernie Campanelli, Helena Gromasiak, Eileen, McCormack, Doris Miller, Nancy Moore, Agnes Rosenbeck, Marilyn Scalesi, Sandy Shah, Joyce Thorpe, Pat Solgan, Betty Vincent, Chris Vanderhelm, Lois Whalen, Alice Skillman and Jan Spear.

These senior knitters have one goal in mind: creating loving garments that are used for various causes.

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The knitters’ latest creations are durable yet fun-loving dog blankets. These blankets are going to assist dogs at the Helmetta Animal Shelter. This is just one item in a long list of contributions the knitters have made throughout the years.Some of their other items are lap robes for people in wheelchairs, baby blankets and caps for newborn babies at the Trinitas hospitals, along with beautiful shawls, hats and scarves for cancer patients in nursing homes and V.A. hospitals. Olano said their work "is a true labor of love.”

This group of ladies gathers on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons on a mission to knit to help others while sharing some laughs in the process.

The senior knitters rely on donations, so anyone who has yarn at home can feel free to stop by the South Plainfield Senior Center and donate. 

Your yarn may be on the next newborn baby, V.A. patient or grandparent in a wheelchair. The Senior Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.