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Q:        Mary writes to us to find out what are the early warning signs and symptoms of Alzheimer. Her mother has recently been exhibiting memory loss but she doesn’t know if that is just a result of her age or something to be concerned about.


A:         Mary first and foremost we wish good health for your mother. If you have any concerns about her health and well being we recommend speaking with her primary care physician. There are signs for early detection of Alzheimer. Alzheimer is a brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. Memory loss- this is the most common sign. Forgetting important dates, events, and asking over and over for the same information. Challenges in planning or solving problems is an inability to develop and follow a plan or even work with numbers, also finding difficulty in concentrating and taking longer than usual to do things. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s often find it hard to complete daily tasks. Confusion with time and place, people with Alzheimer can lose track of dates, seasons and the passage of time. There is the possibility they may forget where they are and how they go there. Along with time and place confusion there is also confusion between spatial and visual images. Someone suffering from Alzheimer’s also find difficulty in judging distance and determining color or contrast. Speech can also be affected due to Alzheimer’s incapability of joining in a conversation. Struggling with vocabulary or having problems finding the right words or calling things by the wrong name.

            A person with Alzheimer’s may misplace things. They may put things in unusual places and be unable to retrace their steps to find them again. This is something that will progressively increase over time. One’s judgment and decision making is also impaired due to the disease. A withdrawal from work or social activities a loss of interests from hobbies, projects, or sports. The mood and personalities of someone with Alzheimer’s may change. They may become confused, suspicious, depressed, fearful, or anxious. They may be easily upset at home, work, with friends and especially in places where they are out of their comfort zone.

Mary once you have reached out to your mother’s primary care, please feel free to come in to AristaCare at Cedar Oaks. We do have an Alzheimer-Dementia Unit with nursing and rehab staff certified and specially trained to deal with Alzheimer’s disease. We also offer support groups to our resident’s families as well as the community. So Mary I urge you to stop by or give us a call to see when our next support group meeting will be held.



Best Wishes,

Vimla Parboji