To the Editor

Lots of people are writing to the paper about statistics, money, and other facts relating to the upcoming election.  I want to talk about something a little different. I want to talk about the softer side of government.

Matt Anesh has shown that he cares about our town and its people. His team of Alex Barletta and Derryck White are cut from the same cloth. They care.  Here are just a few examples of what I mean.

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When Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy hit, Matt worked nearly around the clock helping people get their power restored and trees removed. If you called him, he called you back and tried to solve your problem.

Matt’s team on the council even jumped on the back of garbage trucks after the storm to clear the streets and get South Plainfield up and running.

But that’s not all.  Matt’s the kind of mayor who drops everything to be at an event, give kids a tour of borough hall, or attends a business grand opening.  And when it comes to pitching in, I don’t remember any other mayor jumping into a dunk tank to raise money for worthy causes like he does.

Matt’s our mayor and I hope he’ll continue to be when the results come in on election night.

Anthony N. Muccigrossi