To the voters of South Plainfield.

My name is Bill Seesselberg, and I am seeking to return to the board of education.  For information on my background and what I can bring to the board, or to contact me, please visit my website  I am proud of the work we accomplished when I was a member of the board, and the improvement in our schools and the achievements of our students through the hard work of our teachers and staff is commendable.  I would like to be a part of continuing this journey towards excellence in academics, arts, athletics and activities.

But first I need to address comments made by Mr. Fryszczyn in last week’s Observer.  Mr. Fryszczyn has to my knowledge never publicly complimented but has always complained through letters or speaking at meetings.   This latest letter seems, like some of the others, to reveal the comments of others that he puts forth as his own.  His closely accurate number of candidates for the guidance position seems like he was given privileged information regarding the selection process.

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For the record, both of Mr. Giannakis’ family members were hired when he was not on the board.

And as to his candidate preference for board of education, Mrs. Boyle, he is overlooking some facts.  Mrs. Boyle also has a family member employed by the board of education. An excellent teacher and an asset to the district, this family member was hired only after Mrs. Boyle was asked to leave the board for the hiring.  She then found the one loophole in the law (since modified) to run the same year for her own seat.

And this past year, when Mrs. Boyle did not get her way, she filed a baseless, inaccurate and poorly written lawsuit against seven current and former board members-a tantrum that was dismissed after eight months in the courts, and costing the board and its insurance carrier over $25,000, along with the costs and resources spent by the six non-board members named as defendants in the lawsuit.  The board did file for repayment of its costs and was denied.  These funds therefore were diverted from the already tight budget of the district.  Mrs. Boyle has not offered to reimburse the district for these costs.

The lawsuit created its own issues, but added to a culture of distrust and distraction amongst the board members based on past incidents.  This I am sure affected many discussions over the past few years.  Looking at Mrs. Boyle’s slogan for this year – “Our Students First” – we should take into account her past actions on and off the board and add “After Her.”

I respectfully ask the voters this November to bring the board back to full strength with nine members that work together, and allow me to rejoin by voting Column G.  The board candidates are on the back of the mail-in ballot, and at the bottom of the regular ballot.

Bill Seesselberg

Board of Education Candidate