We are in the beginning phase of an unprecedented time during our lifetime and it is certainly going to give us challenges. There is no playbook to fallback to in order to see what has and hasn’t worked in the past. Uncharted waters.
As you know, the South Plainfield School District has closed the schools for at least the week of March 16,2020 with assessments being completed on an ongoing basis to determine the safest time for our students to return to our schools. Although the schools are closed the education isn’t stopping. Thanks to an absolutely enormous effort by our teachers, principals, school support personnel, the superintendent, all central office administrators and staff, in about a week and a half they created the ability for online learning with live teaching. Think about this for a minute please, an entire shift to provide over 3,300 students with live instruction in their homes all accomplished in about a week and a half. Amazing. This couldn’t have happened if not for 100% dedication, commitment and effort of all the members of our educational team.
These days are not going to be flawless and without challenges. There will most likely be technology hiccups along the way. Again, uncharted waters. Please be patient and understand that this circumstance is new to everyone and everyone is trying their best. It is with the highest level of certainty that any issues that arise will receive tireless effort to be resolved.
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I believe I speak for the entire Board of Education in saying we are very thankful for all the efforts. We acknowledge and understand how many extra hours were given beyond what is expected from everyone. It is our sincerest hopes that our entire community also appreciates how hard these people have worked and to make sure to be understanding with any difficulty, hiccup or situations that may arise.
Nobody knows exactly how long we will be in these conditions and circumstances. This is something nobody could have anticipated. We need to all work together to give our community the best chance of success during this period of time.
Please stay healthy and be thoughtful.
Cordially Yours
Douglas Chapman
South Plainfield Board of Education.