Dear Editor and the South Plainfield Community,

My name is Chere Glover and I’m running for the South Plainfield School Board this November 5th. After being a BOE trustee from 2014-2017, I would like to serve our schools and community once again. During my last tenure, I know that I was the change agent that brought a different perspective, a serious conversation, and upward movement to our district. While serving, my presence as one member brought stability and continuity to our board. My first year we went through the process of hiring a permanent superintendent twice. We were finally able to complete that task mid 2016. Once that goal was accomplished, that allowed us to actually address the most pressing issue at the time which was our facilities. Collectively, with my BOE colleagues, the superintendent, and the business administrator we were able to create a serious plan to compose a referendum that our community understood, and agreed to support. As a current member of the referendum ad hoc committee, I was able to the see the evolution of our facilities upgrade, and work with the administration to ensure responsible spending.  Once the leadership and facilities issues were addressed, the district was able to stabilize and focus on the business of curriculum and learning. The lack of established leadership and deprived facilities were major factors in hindering our district. 


The reason I am running again is to continue the work that I have been such an integral part of during my first term. I listen to the issues, and always work on the side of what is best for our children, staff and community.  My focus is continuously looking to collaborate with the administration to make our district fit the needs of this community. I believe our board could use some diversity and gender equity.  Our town has a plethora of citizens from all different backgrounds, and our district school board should represent what our community looks like.  I would like to rejoin our board to keep the movement of South Plainfield students forward.  I know the issues, and goals we need to set and accomplish.

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Two weeks ago, there was a comment made by a Mr. Fryszczyn, regarding my attendance to the board meetings the last two years. I am not sure why he has made such a statement. This gentleman has never spoken to me directly, while I was on or off the board. The irony of his statement is that I have been at meetings, but I haven’t seen him at one meeting since I got off the board in 2017.  I have attended at least a dozen meetings during my time off. Furthermore, we do live in the 21st century where we can now view it online.  I am not currently serving so there is no need for me to attend each and every meeting.  I read the board docs online each month and if I have questions, I am aware of the chain of command, I reach out and ask the appropriate individual.

In closing, community service as a BOE member requires that one be sincere and committed to ensuring our children have the greatest start possible. It’s a time-consuming unpaid position that is a true labor of love. The only agenda I have is making sure our tax dollars are spent wisely, maintaining and creating policies that fit our district, and supporting our schools as we create the path to success for our children.

I am glad to speak to anyone who has questions or concerns at  If you just want someone to serve the children, staff, and community without all of the political drama, vote for Glover 1F.

Respectfully Submitted,    

Chere Glover