Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the many people who contributed to the South Plainfield Public Library's Fall Festival last week. Many thanks to my committee, Library Board Trustees, the library staff, Director Linda Hansen, Ms Mija, Mayor Matt Anesh,  Councilman Ray Rusnak, the Department of Public Works, the Girl Scouts and the many volunteers from the South Plainfield Middle and High Schools. The following South Plainfield businesses made generous donations so that the event would be successful: Dunkin Donuts - Park Avenue, Dunkin Donuts - Maple Avenue, Nischwitz, Green Olive Farmer's Market, Acme, and Spirit Halloween.
Our day was a perfect one due to the many residents and children who attended our event. Thank you for your continued support for all our events.
Cheryl Nagel-Smiley 
Chairperson Community Relations Committee
Library Board