Dear Editor,

 I am honored to stand for election for mayor of a great town like South Plainfield, my hometown.  I believe you are worth the time, energy and toil because of the positive impact dedicated public officials can make on our community. 

 When some ask “ why do you want to run?  Why would you want the aggravation?”… the answer has always been the same. 

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 I am running for mayor because I firmly believe South Plainfield should be years ahead of where we are.

 Our current mayor fought to keep trucks on Hamilton Blvd; fought against the building of a library only to recently change his position and take credit for its expansion; and promoted the Hollywood Avenue project as the solution for traffic problems, yet the road is no closer to being built and will cost tens of millions of dollars to build. He has staked his claim on not raising taxes, yet ignores the fact that he raised them in the past and now drains emergency surplus and borrows to fill the gaps he created in our municipal budget. As a resident and taxpayer, I believe things must change.

 I will focus on addressing the traffic congestion that plagues our streets, bring spending within our means and keeping our community safe so we can all enjoy the quality of life we deserve and expect. I don’t have every answer -- no one in pubic office does. But if you agree with that vision I have for our hometown, I will provide the leadership South Plainfield deserves.

I also am running for mayor because I do not believe it is an option to watch the town I grew up in be dominated by set of politics that puts intimidation and personal attacks before the common good and the search for common solutions.

 As a candidate for office I am used to the barbs of politics. But, when those attacks directed at my loved ones, friends, and ordinary residents it should sound alarms that something must change. I was most taken aback when someone who signed a letter-to-the-editor in support of me and my running mates received a telephone call from my opponents, who questioned her support of my candidacy. The South Plainfield I know, and have called home my entire life, is better than that.

The Mayor and his supporters spend a lot of time trying to convince you not to vote for me. They devote very little to describing their plans for the future. What we do hear is blame of others for all the ills facing South Plainfield. That is not leadership. If the Mayor were truly a leader and concerned about the future of the Boro, he would spend less time focusing on the past and more on improving our quality of life.

 And let's clear up one more thing. In 2009, I voted "no" on the proposed ordinance to raise the salaries of the mayor and council after Matt Anesh  voted "yes" on giving the Mayor and Council a raise.

 While politics and politicians have garnered a bad reputation, I still believe that serving as an elected official is an honor and a privilege. The attacks can keep coming, but the Borough’s future is too important to me, and it depends on dedicated leadership. Many hard working, community-oriented people in our town will not get involved in politics because of the nastiness. It is not deterring me and it shouldn’t deter you either. 

 When Lt. Governor Guadagno attended our municipal reorganization in 2013, she commented on the lack of women on the governing body. We can change that.

I ask for your vote on Election Day, Tuesday November 4, and for your vote for Joe Lambert and Jeff Seider for Borough Council. Together, we can move in a new direction.

Chrissy Buteas