Dear Editor,

Week after week I read the list of promises from the Democrat candidates.  It seems like the list is endless.  The only thing missing is a promise to end rainy days.

What I never see, however, is a plan to accomplish all these promises.  It’s easy to make promises.  The harder thing is to deliver on them.

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And here’s the rub:  The people making these promises have not shown any ability to deliver on them

Take candidate Gary Vesce.  While Vesce seems like a nice enough guy, he’s missed 90% of the council meetings over the last two years.  In fact, he never attended a meeting this year until a few months after he announced his candidacy.  And even then he only attended sporadically.

It’s even worse for Vesce’s running mate.  As I write this, Bill Bethea has not attended a single council meeting.  He announced in late August and missed every single one since then.

But that’s not the worst of it.  Bethea has never even bothered to vote.  That’s right, while most of us vote every year, Bethea has not voted in a single election, according to county records.  He doesn’t vote, yet he expects us to vote for him?

I’m sure these two guys have good intentions.  But considering all their criticisms, you’d think that they’d at least show up once in a while.  By failing to, I can only reach one conclusion:  They simply don’t care.  

Councilman Alex Barletta