Dear Editor,

I for one am glad to finally see this political season winding down. That being said with Election Day next week, I would urge voters to go out and support Mayor Matt Anesh for re-election. Simply put, the guy "gets it". He has shown true leadership the past 4yrs from being on the back of a truck helping to clean up the town during Superstorm Sandy to getting bi-partisan support to get the library expansion under way at no cost to the taxpayers. We have worked closely to deliver budgets that have kept municipal taxes still $88 lower than in 2009, and the closing of Liquid Assets was a huge accomplishment that serves the whole community. I've been in the room when he has told developers we were not interested in their massive housing projects and can comfortably say he has no political ambitions beyond South Plainfield, and is here only for our town. I can go on and on with a list of accomplishments but I know firsthand you have seen them all. He once made the statement "this is the ultimate customer service business" and has backed up his word. He and his team will continue to deliver what you the resident expects, and I look forward to him being our Mayor for another four years.

Councilman Ray Rusnak