The South Plainfield Public Celebrations Committee and the South Plainfield Cultural Arts Commission would like to thank all the residents and guests who attended the First Annual Holiday Caroling Event in Monument Park at the lighted tree next to the Helicopter.  We served Hot Chocolate prepared by Gina and Tim McConville, Candy Canes by Jen Ratti, Cookies baked by Stephanie Wokak, Susan DiFrancesco, Jessica Spina, Maureen Rondena, water bottles supplied by Suzanne Lepore, Candy by Joan O'Brien and set up by Joan's husband and sons, Jen Ratti and Mark Abramson.   Tables and cups provided by Kimberly Anesh, Ho Ho Ho by no other then Frank Furino, and joyous songs lead by Mayor Matt Anesh, Council President Derryck White, Councilman Jon Dean and Councilwoman Christine Faustinii, Joan O'Brien, Stephanie Bartfalvi, Tim McConville,  Jen Ratti, Diane Pender, Gabby and the children, supported by Councilmen Robert Bengivenga, Gary Vesce and Joe Wolak, and CFO Glenn Cullen.  Thank you to Darlene Cullen - TAPintoSouth Plainfield and Nancy Grennier of the South Plainfield Observer,   Anne Daly, the DPW and Kristine Nieradka, the police officers who patrolled the area during the event and a huge thank you to Bob Stilo who planted the tree ten years ago, replanted and strung lights each year to enhance the park.  The Holiday Caroling Event brought smiles to all the faces that joined in and we look forward to the 2018 Caroling Event.  Thank you to all those persons who shared this event through Face Book, Tweets and Word of Mouth.  

Public Celebrations Committee:  Chairwoman Debbie Boyle, Secretary Stephanie Bartfalvi, Kimberly Anesh, Deane Croce, Patricia DeSantis, Susan DiFrancesco, Gina McConville, Jen Ratti, Stephanie Wolak and Liaison Christine Faustini

Cultural Arts Commission:  Chairwoman Susanne Lepore, Mark Abramson, Debbie Boyle, Frank Furino, Mindy Gerber, Tim McConville, Joan O'Brien, Diane Pender, Pam Stefanek, Rocco Severini and Liaison Christine Faustini