Letter to the Editor:

I am the Middlesex County School Board President, and also a member of the NJSSBA Finance Committee, which includes representation to the 25 towns that are part of Middlesex County.  Over the past year, Christopher Jones, who is the New Jersey State School Boards Legislative Advocate, along with members of the executive board and myself,  have met with Assembly persons in many districts and Senator Diegnan,  in an effort to convey the serious concerns of the county and state school districts.  They do hear our concerns and have reported back to their constituents about all of these major concerns.  Dr. Lawrence Feinsod, Executive Director of the New Jersey State School Boards was called upon to be a member of Governor Phil Murphy's transition committee, where he has brought about all the major concerns that school districts in the State of New Jersey are facing.  Dr. Feinsod also has a positive relationship with NJEA and the United States Army,  who affords the opportunity for STEM and STEAM initiatives.  We all have discussed the school funding formula, special education funding both state and federal,  underfunded mandates imposed on school districts,  Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Laws, the negative use of Social Media, Gun Control laws,  Mental Health funding, which encompasses social, emotional and phycological programs.  The May, 2018, Delegate Assembly brought about a basic school security resolution.  Discussion ensued with regards to having school security taken outside the 2% cap due to the growing cost to afford police, level III officers and SRO (School Resource Officers) to each school district.  We will continue to meet with assembly persons, senators and congressional representatives to bring forward the continued growing costs to school districts.    The State of New Jersey School Boards Association has numerous advocates that attend the assembly and senate meetings on a continual basis to stress the importance of these programs and the major funding needed to support all school districts.  Debbie Boyle, Middlesex County School Boards' President.