I would like to thank Mayor Matthew Anesh, the Borough Councilmen, CFO Glenn Cullen, Police Chief James Parker, the police department, the Department of Public Works new Superintendent Len Miller, the DPW employees, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Johanna Ruberto, Business Administrator Alex Ferreira and the Board of Education Shared Service Team/Councilmen Ray Rusnak and Council President Robert Bengivenga for the continued collaboration over the past five days, which included the school district principals, to insure the safety of our residents, staff members and the families of South Plainfield.

CFO Glenn Cullen deployed dump trucks and plows, as part of our shared service team to help TEMCO, the school district maintenance company,  who also had all hands on deck, to plow the seven school parking lots,  so that our town and schools would be ready to move forward.   Glenn Cullen and Mayor Matt Anesh have driven the streets of our entire town for the past five days, continuously for hours,  to check and recheck the roads and sidewalks, while the DPW has continued to spend hours plowing.  Thank you Dr. Ruberto and Mr. Alex Ferreira for also driving the streets and schools of our town.  It is my opinion, as a resident, tax payer and parent that 30 inches of snow that was wet, packed down and heavy, took a toll on everyone, but they prevailed in their jobs, even through long hours of plowing and snow blindness.  Thank you to everyone for your countless hours of work and Glenn Cullen for continuously remaining on top of our safety.

Debbie Boyle, South Plainfield Resident