Dear Editor

Hi, my name is Ernie “Jim” Giannakis and I am running for the Board of Education. I have lived in town for over 30 years and continue to raise my family here. I have put 2 kids through our District and currently have one in our Middle School. For nearly 10 years I sat on our Board of Ed, falling short in our last election. I believe this year off gave me opportunity to reevaluate my experiences serving our community. In the last 8 years we have had many changes throughout our District, some for the better and some not….but all this change does not allow for any continuity which is essential to continual betterment. I believe we have taken the focus off of our greatest asset…the students…they deserve nothing but the best. While we have had many successes, we could have and should have had more. We have some of the best faculty in the State. If re-elected, I would drive the process to try and obtain blue ribbon status for our schools. I also feel we need to look hard at our Special Services Department, our pre-school Future Stars program and, our facilities. These are top line priorities.

In addition, we need to provide a great working environment to ensure we maintain our newly hired central administration.  We cannot pretend to know more than the experts.Through the recent years there are members who have micro-managed administrators and made it an unpleasant working environment, which ultimately drove quality people out of our district.

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I have also heard members say they are the “voice of the people”…let me tell you, any elected official is the voice of the people, and if they are not…they do not belong in their position.

On November 8th, I ask for your vote…Line 1.

Thank you,Ernie ‘Jim” Giannakis