I am writing this in response to Bogdan Fryszczyn’s letter from October 11th.

I would like to set the record straight…yes, my wife works for the District and has since July 2000, which is more than five years  before I even thought about running for the Board of Education, no help there. As far as my daughter, she too works for the District, however I was not on the Board when the position became open, in fact, while I was not on the Board, a new Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, High School Principal, Middle School Principal and interim  Director of Guidance were all named, none of which I was a sitting Board member or even a candidate for the Board at that time…I did not meet any one of them until after her appointment. You may be confusing me with another Board member you are supporting, she was a member when her daughter applied for and got a job, stepped down immediately before the meeting to approve  her, then ran in the very next election a few months later…I could understand how you mistakenly thought that was me.

As far as our faculty being overpaid, I assure you my wife and daughter are not in any way going to taint that negotiation. I fully support our faculty and staff and will tell you we have the hardest working most dedicated teachers out there!! And yes, many of them will volunteer their time to coach or provide extra help for their students. Teachers are in this for the love of their profession and their students, and our teachers take pride in watching our student’s accomplishments. As far as our sports teams, we have had some pretty amazing teams, yes, we have had struggles too, but these kids work hard to do their best at whatever sport or club they choose and I support them fully.

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While I may not be perfect, I certainly try my best to be part of solutions both proactive and reactive. You on the other hand take the easy way out and criticize from afar and avoid the hard part of trying to be part of the solution. While you are entitled to your own opinions, you aren’t entitled to your own facts.


Thank you,

Ernie “Jim” Giannakis

Candidate BOE Line I

These are my opinions and not that of the South Plainfield BOE